11 Foods That Skinny Guys Should Eat To Build Mass

So you are a skinny man and desire to build mass?

If you are a skinny guy or a “hard-gainer” you possibly are questioning how the hell you are supposed to hit your day by day calorie intake and construct mass. Guys who have been skinny their complete lives have a tendency to have higher metabolisms which ability they need to consume a lot extra than the relaxation of us in order to acquire size.

Trying to hit your consumption desires with nothing but broccoli and hen breast is going to be hard based on how lean these ingredients are.

Instead, you need to start achieving for extra calorie-dense foods. If you don’t know what the hell that ability don’t worry – we’ve put together a list of 11 wonderful ingredients to help skinny guys, in the end, hit those macro desires and construct mass!

Sweet Potato

A lot of guys attempt going on bulk without consuming some kind of potato. If you fall into that class you are certainly doing it wrong. They are cheap, easy to prepare and loaded with complicated carbs – a splendid side-dish for simply about any protein source. Sweet potatoes in especially are packed with nutrients and are extremely delicious.

One candy potato carries a hundred and sixty calories based on 35g of carbs, 1g of fat and 5g of protein.


One of the blessings of eating fatty-foods is that they incorporate more calories. A gram of fats consists of 9 energy in contrast with a gram of protein or carbs which comprise 4 As a result, you can acquire your day by day calorie target a lot simpler by way of eating foods that are loaded with healthy fats.

Avocados are one of the satisfactory sources of these fats and are very versatile – you can use them in salads, sandwiches or even as a dip. One medium-sized avocado incorporates 250 calories based totally on 20g of fat, 14g of carbs and 4g of protein. Best of all you can get them any time of year at your local grocery store.

Ground Beef

Forget about this chicken-only weight-reduction plan you’ve heard of. If you are a skinny guy you want to pack on size and one of the pleasant meals out there to help you do that is floor beef. It crumbles easily in your month that means it’s easy to devour a lot of it and you can even combine it in with other substances like rice or pasta.

More importantly, it’s loaded with saturated fats which are fundamental for boosting your testosterone levels. One serving of floor beef includes 250 calories – all from fat and protein.


Aside from being delicious, pasta is additionally useful for skinny guys because it’s packed with calories. It’s very convenient to throw down a lot of this stuff to help you hit your macro goals.

Feel free to combine in some ground pork or veggies – something you like best. One cup of cooked pasta has about 250 calories, mainly from carbs and a bit of protein.


A bodybuilding eating regimen staple food, rice is a top-notch way to pack on extra size. It’s loaded with energy almost entirely carb-based no longer to point out it’s affordable and convenient to prepare. In fact, we don’t be aware of too many bodybuilders that don’t own a rice cooker that they use daily.

It’s very handy for your body to the procedure and can without problems be introduced to vegetables and meat as an aspect dish or for a stir fry.

High-Fat Cream

If you are someone who likes to add some sugar to your coffee you attempt as a substitute to change it with high-fat cream. It gives you some lots wished greater energy that is all fat-based, no longer to mention it tastes delicious. You can additionally add it to your oatmeal or shakes for a bit extra flavor.

One tablespoon of cream incorporates 50 energy from 6g of fat. That ability you won’t have to worry about ingesting extra oats in the morning to hit your macro desires – just add some cream instead.

Natural Peanut Butter

Peanut butter, almond butter, basically any nut butter will work well right here as long as it’s natural. It tastes delicious, it’s versatile and it’s very calorie-dense. Add it to your smoothies, oatmeal, cottage cheese, etc. One tablespoon consists of one hundred energy with 9g of fat, 3g of carbs and 3g of protein – so as you can see, it’s very convenient to hit your macro desires with the assist of some natural peanut butter.


Steak, in particularly the fatty cuts, is a first-rate source of calories – not to mention they are delicious. Unlikes lean cuts of meat ribeye steak have additional fats which mean more calories. It additionally goes exquisite with veggies and potatoes for a exquisite calorie-dense meal.

8oz of ribeye steak includes a whopping 600 energy from 45g of fats and 47g of protein.

Whole Milk

If you are consuming 1% or skim milk you are leaving a lot of extra energy off the table. A variety of well-known strength-training coaches recommend ingesting a gallon of whole milk per day! We aren’t saying you have to go that far, however, they are genuinely a terrific supply of calories – one hundred per glass from 3g fat, 11g carbs, and 9g protein.

It also goes incredible with your each day smoothie or with your oatmeal.


No, we aren’t kidding- butter can certainly be excellent for you. It had bad popularity over the years as one of the worst foods you can eat. As it turns out, a lot of these assumptions were misguided. It’s loaded with saturated fats – however, that is integral for retaining your testosterone tiers excessive and your electricity tiers up. Just make positive you get the grass-fed range and you will be exact to go.

Use it with vegetables, potatoes or even on steaks. One tablespoon consists of one hundred calories all from fat.