6 Exercises To Get Flat Abs in 4 Weeks

How to get started

“Your abdominal muscle groups help your body, so having a strong core is essential,” explains Warner, who agreed to share-and demonstrate-some of her favorite strikes in a set of workout routines solely designed for Best Health readers. She’s the proof they work-just check out these photos: What a body!

All six strikes goal your core muscles, which include your rectus abdominal (front), interior and external obliques (side), transversus abdominis (interior) and erector spine (lower back). Some will additionally tone your fingers and legs.

Equipment: You will want a mat or large towel and one dumbbell (three to eight pounds, relying on your health level-beginners ought to begin the program barring using the weight).

Warm-up your core: Stand with your ft shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent. Draw your palms up to prepare to “shadow box”-with your elbows tucked in to your sides, and your fingers in fists at shoulder height. Take right arm diagonally throughout body, punching toward the left side, and alternate aspects for a few minutes. “This is a proper way to connect with the muscular tissues you are going to be working,” says Warner.

Stretch to cool down: Complete this workout by using doing about 5 minutes of core stretching: Lie on your back, deliver your knees into your chest, then drop them to the right side of your body whilst you lengthen your hands to the left aspect at shoulder height. Hold, and then change sides. Repeat.

1- Torso twists for flat abs

A. Stand with feet hip-width apart and preserve the dumbbell in both arms in front of you. Keep your hips stage and back straight as you lower into a squat position.

B. Round your back slightly, and cross the dumbbell to the proper side, tucking the proper elbow back. Keep your hips dealing with front, and be careful not to rotate through your lower body.

C. Now twist to the left side, tucking your left elbow back. Repeat this twisting action from proper to left as a slow and controlled non-stop movement. Do 10 twists on each side, for a total of 20 repetitions.

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